We build open source tools, services & specifications to support the existing and future aerial robotics ecosystem. If you are involved in the development of the future aviation systems, we can help you by providing technical expertise, software development capability & project management services. See some of our products and services below.

our products


The Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) stack consists of Flight Spotlight (frontend) and Flight Blender (backend). Using Flight Spotlight you can connect to UTM / U-Space for visualization. Flight Blender implements modern UTM standards for RemoteID, airtraffic data and UTM data processing and exchange. See homepage


Aerobridge is a management server for drone service providers and operators. Using Aerobridge you can embrace world-class fleet management and supply chain management solution. Additionally, via Trusted Flight you can add operational security layer to your fight operations for enhanced security. See home page


our services


Our integration services can help you design, document organize & manage your public-facing APIs & asscoiated sites such as your developer portals using modern specification & integration tools. Our expertise in designing & developing APIs can help speed up your product development processess.


As experts in building and releasing open source software, we can help you with your open source strategy. We can help you integrate open standards, build integrations with partners & test and provide code reviews for security, interoperability & performance.


We are experts with UTM ecosystems & can provide consulting services across the entire ecosystem. As a neutral, independent, domain experts we provide our clients with advice, technical audits & best practices recommendations to improve compliance, security & performance.

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By making an investment in open source software, you can improve your efficiency, build secure, scalable and interoperable systems. We are on a mission to support the drone and unmanned aerial vehicle ecosystem and you can join us and speed up your digital transition.